Kelly Keogh: 29 years worth of teaching, politics, and understanding the way the world works


1 – Mr. Kelly Keogh, social studies teacher, has been teaching for 29 years, becoming National Board Certified  in 2006. When asked his favorite thing about teaching, Keogh stated that his students give him the most satisfaction. Mr. Keogh also works within the Watson International Institute at Brown University, where he writes curriculum used by students. Besides teaching,  Keogh has been extremely active in the political atmosphere throughout his life, meeting and discussing with many politicians and leaders from around the world.

2 – Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin, one of Mr. Keogh’s (many) favorite novels. Following the political, ideological and cultural influences under both Hitler and Stalin, the novel examines the impacts these dictators left on the “Bloodlands” which are now Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and the Baltic States.

3 – Written by NPR reporter Deborah Amos, Eclipse of the Sunnis: Power, Exile, and Upheaval in the Middle East follows the lives of Sunnis living in exile, the choices people are forced to make and illustrates the graphic realities many people came to know. 

4 –  Mr. Keogh has taught a variety of classes throughout his many years of teaching including: International Relations, AP U.S Government, AP Comparative Government, Regional World Studies, U.S History, Sociology, Geography and Theology.

5 –  Fun Fact: Mr. Keogh appeared on CNN in 2003, discussing teaching methods in regards to terrorism and the Middle East post 9/11. Before the interview and discussion started, he was actually mistaken for a woman.