Recycling program returns to paper-only

Although single-stream recycling accepts plastic, metal and cardboard, students were recycling unclean, used food items — causing milk, soda and other food particles to collect in bins.

Community will return to paper-only recycling after experiencing “major” issues with single-stream recycling.

The larger recycling bins used by students to gather recycling from classrooms were “incredibly dirty” and had “an awful smell,” Cardiff said. (Inkspot Staff)

At the start of the school year, Community transitioned to single-stream recycling, allowing materials like paper, plastics, metal and glass to be collected in the same container.

Mrs. Angie Cardiff and the special education students from room 250 oversee Community’s recycling, collecting materials from classrooms.

Cardiff said non-recyclable and unsanitary materials are being placed in bins — items like milk cartons and dirty plastic containers.

Collecting those items is not only “unpleasant” for Cardiff’s students, she said it has also led to an awful smell on the second floor and a gnat issue.

Cardiff said if the students continue to “consistently [find] … bins that have items in them other than paper” the bins will be removed from classrooms.