Coding meets community

Computer Science Honor Society showcases key concepts


Mantra Dave

Co-founders Jathin Nama, Sivani Sayani, and Sunny Shaheen (left to right) present at the Showcase.

Computer Science (CS) Honor Society members presented their projects — highlighting the impact and importance of computer science and its related fields, while also showcasing members’ creativity and community involvement — during lunch hours on March 5.

“The computer science showcase is our yearly community service project that allows members to show high school students what’s available in the world of computer science,”  CS Honor Society co-founder Sunny Shaheen (‘20) said.

Members presented on topics ranging from block coding to virtual reality and website design. Presentations were interactive, allowing those watching to try their hand at basic computer science tasks.

At Jonathan Wells (‘21) and Chase Tomlinson’s (‘21) booth, showcase attendees watched a robot maneuver through a maze on its own, showcasing how artificial intelligence allows for real-world applications. 

Shaheen, along with co-founders Jathin Nama (‘20) and Sivani Sayani (‘20), discussed the cloud computing applications of Amazon Web Services at their booth. Though a technical topic, the focus of their presentation was simplifying core concepts into lay terms.

Presenting allowed members to develop an understanding of how to communicate their ideas to the general public, according to Nama, who added that “presenting well is just as valuable as having great ideas since you can’t do anything if people don’t understand you.”

This year’s community showcase was a first, and the CSHS plans to expand their reach in years to come. “Next year, we hope to take the showcase to elementary and middle schools so we can cement a love of STEM in classes of students to come,” Shaheen said.