Computer Science Honor Society boots up for first year


Sivani Sayani (left) and Sunny Shaheen (third from left) collaborate with other interns while developing the framework for the CSHS.

Three seniors launched the NCHS chapter of the Computer Science Honor Society this year, with the help of faculty adviser Mrs. Amy Feeney, in an effort to celebrate computer science students’ academic achievement.

Passionate about computer science, the students worked 40 hours a week as full-time State Farm interns this summer, building web systems and developing new applications. As Enterprise Technology interns, Jathin Nama (‘20), Sivani Sayani (‘20), and Sunny Shaheen (‘20) gained authentic workforce experience at one of the nation’s most well-known insurance companies.

While improving their technical and analytical skills, the trio was inspired to “empower kids who are interested in STEM, science, technology, engineering, and math,” Shaheen said. They envisioned creating an organization focused on providing guidance and similar opportunities for other students.

The primary goal is to “give [STEM-focused students] the opportunities that they’ll be able to succeed in now, [while exploring] different career fields in STEM” to gain experience before heading into secondary schooling and the workforce.

Helping out and getting involved in the community is a critical focus of the organization, and required to maintain membership, according to Nama.

Members will have the opportunity to “get involved in STEM outreach at the K through 6 level,” according to Shaheen. Students must volunteer ten hours of their time — five of which must be STEM-related — to the community throughout the school year to stay plugged into the CSHS.

To apply for membership, students must complete one semester of an AP Computer Science course with an A or B, or finish Computer Science Essentials with an A. Those that applied for this year’s membership in December should expect to hear back around March, according to Shaheen.

The first class of society members will be inducted at the annual ceremony, which takes place during the spring. Members will receive a pin at the ceremony, and will be awarded one each year that they are in the program, noted Sayani. At the end of the school year, senior members of the CSHS will be recognized for their achievements with blue chords to be worn at graduation.

All members will have the chance to further “develop [their] passion for science and technology” while immersing themselves in the different aspects of STEM as a part of the Computer Science Honor Society.