Mrs. Peyton leaving NCHS; transferring to Evans next year

Mrs. Caitlan Peyton will be transferring to Evans Junior High School next year to teach P.E. and Health after 10 years at NCHS.

Peyton thought she “needed to switch things up” because she was getting “too comfortable” as a teacher at NCHS – something that really scared her.

“I need to allow this change to happen and grow and learn to do more as a teacher,” Peyton said. “I am excited to teach kids about health a little bit earlier, and hopefully help them at that age level.”

While Peyton is looking forward to next year, she will have a hard time leaving behind all the relationships that she has built at Community.

“I will definitely miss the students and all the relationships I have built,” said Peyton. Peyton reflected on how a variety of students over her time at NCHS have made such “an enormous impact on her” and that without them she would not be the teacher or person she is today. 

“I will miss all of my Ironmen family. I have created so many positive relationships here at NCHS and I will miss all of my colleagues dearly. Everyone in this building has played such a huge role in the teacher I am today, and I will be forever thankful for that,” said Peyton.

NCHS students didn’t just impact Peyton, Peyton impacted them as well.

“I loved Mrs. Peyton’s class,” Lacey Beauford (12), a P.E. student of Peyton’s this semester, said, because she was always so nice, fun, and knew how to make her students’ days better.”