Three new courses available next school year

Preview of the new classes for 2019-2020 school year

Three new courses will be available for students, excluding freshman, during the 2019-2020 school year:  Introduction to Statistics, Introduction to Education, and Physical Science Applications in Agriculture (PSAA).

“We have been looking to add more dual credit options for students,”  Mrs. Kristina Chase, a guidance counselor, said. Both Introduction to Statistics and Introduction to Education will serve that purpose.  

Dual Credit courses allow students to gain both high school and college credit (through Heartland Community College) within the same class with a passing grade

Introduction to Statistics will be a one-semester course and will focus on “mathematical reasoning and solving real-life problems.”  This course is available through the Math department for 11 and 12-grade students who have passed Algebra Ⅱ or College Algebra.

Introduction to Education, offered through the Family and Consumer Science department, will be available for 10, 11, and 12-grade students. This class is beneficial for students who are interested in pursuing the field of Education at any level.

“Our goal will be to get [students] into classrooms to observe in the fall,” said Mrs. Laura Thomas, head of the FACS department, “and then actually working with a specific teacher in the same classroom at the level they are interested in during the spring.”

A background check is required for students enrolling in the course due to the clinical aspect. The fee of the background check will be included as a course fee.  

It is recommended that students signing up for Intro to Education have completed Child Development prior to taking the class.    

For students to be to eligible for the dual credit courses they must enroll for Heartland Community College by the December 21 deadline.

A link is available for the Heartland application on the counseling website along with further instructions on how to register.

Physical Science Applications in Agriculture is an option for students to take next year through the Agriculture department. This class will be using basic principle science and engineering concepts in relation to agriculture. Although this class is not dual credit, it can fulfill either a science or elective credit. This course gives students the opportunity to gain a science credit without having to take a traditional science course.

PSAA is a year-long course and is available for 10, 11, and 12-grade students who have passed Biology Ⅰ.

Completion of Introduction to Agriculture: Food & Natural Resource (AFNR) prior to PSAA is recommended.