New songs, old tradition: the Guy/Girl dance

 The Normal Community dance team performed their annual “Guy/ Girl Dance” on February 2, marking the 26th anniversary of the tradition.

The team has been performing the dance at the first home boys basketball game of February since the 1990s.

The tradition is for the senior dance team members to choose outgoing and respectable guys, who they believe positively represent the senior class, to dance with the team. The guys are often seniors as well, since the performance is intended for the senior class to enjoy.

The guys are then paired up with a member of the dance team whom they practice and will perform with.

“I’m really happy with the boys that were chosen,” Mackenzie Usrey, senior captain, said, “they picked up on it really fast.”

The dance is different every year, and the dancers work together to choreograph the performance.

“We began practicing January 19th, so we had about two weeks to get the dance down,” said Chase O’Neal, a senior guy that danced.

“We try to make the dance funny since people love laughing at boys dancing,” said Usrey.

The Guy/ Girl dance allows male students to get involved with the dance team and raises attendance for the basketball game.

“I’ve been apart of the Guy/ Girl dance for four years now” said Ursey, “I’m sad this is my last year doing it, but it was definitely the best year.”

The tradition will continue to be carried on and enjoyed by Normal Community.