Free prom dress at WISHES Boutique


If you have been in the atrium or dance room within the past weeks, you have probably noticed the racks of prom dresses hanging around. The abundance of prom dresses are displayed each year in the weeks leading to prom, labeled “free” and catching the eyes of many girls.

According to Mrs. Budak, one of the teachers organizing the “WISHES Boutique” prom dresses, all of the dresses were donated from sources around the community. The dresses are given out to girls for free, Budak said that it’s ridiculous for girls to spend so much money on a dress they’d only wear once. According to one female source, the cost of prom altogether can add up to nearly a thousand dollars, with the personal price for her adding easily up to $270.

Budak also described the donation and reuse of quality prom dresses as a form of recycling, saying that many girls “don’t know what to do with their dresses after prom,” and that this is the perfect place and opportunity for the girls to get rid of their dresses while allowing other girls the convenience and money-saving.

A sophomore attending prom said that she probably would not consider getting her dress from the free dresses displayed, because she would feel as if she is taking the opportunity away from girls that cannot as easily afford dresses from other retailers. However, Mrs. Budak says that the dresses are open to anyone who wants one.

Sophomore Ryan Watkins admired a navy blue dress, jeweled lightly at the top. “This one is my personal favorite. It’s simple and elegant.”

The dresses were displayed in the lunch hours last week, and now can be found by contacting either Mrs. Budak or Mrs. Kobel, or asking anyone in either the main or guidance offices.