NCHS Blood Drive Saves Lives

The Student Council assisted the American Red Cross in running a blood drive at Normal Community on Friday, October 8th. The drive was held in the school auditorium, where a blood donation station was set up. This event takes place twice a year as a way for students and staff to give to people in need. It has been a regular affair at Community for over a decade.

Mrs. Addie Ince, Student Council sponsor,  explains, “Based on the amount of blood we received that  day, we will be able to save as many as 156 lives.”

A wide variety of students and staff donated this year, 52 people were able to give blood out of 93 people that volunteered. Those who offered and were unable to give had not been cleared in tests checking iron level and blood type.

When asked why he gives blood, chemistry teacher Jeff  Christopherson replied, “I do it to help other people and make a difference in their lives, and hopefully save their lives.” Mr. Christopherson has given blood over thirty times in this event.

Mrs. Ince worked with the coordinator of Red Cross to make sure the drive was well staffed for the amount of donors. At the event, there were eight students volunteers working the entire day, assisting the patients and the Red Cross staff.