Halloween presentation lights students on fire

Halloween presentations were conducted during class time on Friday, November 1st by the chemistry teachers to showcase different chemical reactions in order for students to have a fun day of learning.

15 years ago the chemistry teachers conducted the first Halloween presentation at Normal Community High School. Since then, the event has grown in popularity and scale.

This year’s demo included reactions that caused pumpkins to explode, a bottle’s rubber stopper to puncture yet another hole in Mr. Jeff Christopherson’s ceiling and a reaction that allowed for student hands to safely be lit on fire.

Throughout the demo, Mr. Christopherson put on a variety of masks and wigs, which had students laughing. The teachers always had comments to add about the reactions that would also spark laughter. Ms. Ashlee Johnson told the class they had to wear safety goggles because it’s important to be “safe not sexy.” Mr. Michael Roller told the class he could do both.

The positive energy could be felt in the room.

The presentation concluded with the lighting of the students’ hands on fire paired with the playing of Alicia Keys’ “This Girl is on Fire.” The song was an added piece to the presentation, an idea by Mr. Christopherson.

The presentation is meant to be fun for teachers and students, but it requires a variety of precautions were made by the teachers to ensure safety. The preparation for the demo starts a month ahead of time and it causes for about 6-10 hours to get set up.

Regarding the presentation, Mr. Christopherson says, “It’s time consuming, but well worth the positive energy we get from the students.”