ISU photography adventure

ISU photography adventure

From March 18 through May 9, some of the astonishing photos taken by about 50 Ironmen, will be on display at the ISU art gallery. These lucky students were apart of an ISU art project called the T.E.A.M. Series, which permits select ISU students to come to other schools,such as our own, and teach photography classes. The teachers who came to NCHS gave each photography student a digital camera and allowed them to roam wherever they pleased, including outside. The students jobs were to find something they could identify with and take a picture of. The only rule that the students had was to not delete any pictures that they took.

After the students were finished taking pictures, they returned the cameras to the ISU students. Those students looked through all of the students pictures, and gave them the ability to access them through the shared drive. Once the kids looked through all of their photos, they were instructed to choose their favorite. This was hard for many students. “There were so many photos that I really loved. It was so difficult to choose which one was my favorite,” Lauren Fagerland (12) said

Finally when all the students chose one photo they thought was the best one, the ISU students combined everyone’s photo into a powerpoint to showcase what our Ironmen have accomplished.

The next step of the project was to visit the galleria and see where their artwork was going to be displayed. Both of Mrs. Kelly’s photography classes took a trip to ISU campus and got to tour the current exhibits that were on display at the galleria. “It was really cool to know that our photos were going to be showcased where professional’s have displayed their work,” Arianna Collier (12) said with excitement.

If you wish to come and check out all the photographic talent that NCHS has to offer, come to the ISU art gallery anytime from March 18 to May 9. We hope you enjoy!