Happenings around town

ISU Financial Planning Forum Set for the 29th
ISU President Al Bowman has set a forum to discuss long term finances for the university on  the 29th of January. This forum comes at a time when ISU’s state funding hangs in the balance, as officials look to enact a 4.6% cut to Illinois university and college budget’s due to an inability to fix pension underfunding.

Though at present Bowman noted that the university is “financially sound” he also expressed concern over the growing economic threats that lay just over the horizon. The long term financial plan to be discussed at the forum is expected to be completed by August of this year, near the end of Bowman’s long and distinguished career as president of the university.

To learn more about ISU’s financial plan and president Bowman’s retirement and replacement visit pantagraph.com and search “ISU”.

Renner’s Campaign Fund Beats Out Competitors
Repeat mayoral candidate Tari Renner enjoys a well supplied fund for his campaign for mayor this April.

Building up a combined 18,845 dollars since the summer of 2012, his only adversary to come close to this number is libertarian candidate Lex Green, ending the year with 15,925 dollars in his campaign treasury. Alderman John Hanson, also running for Bloomington mayor, held about 4,505 dollars in his treasury including a 1,000 dollar donation from former Alderman Jim Finnegan, planning a string of fundraisers for the next few weeks to add to this number.

To find the most up to date information on both theses and other mayoral candidates for this April’s elections, visit the pantagraph.com/news/local or look them up via a number of social networking websites.

Local Break-ins Under Investigation
A series of break-ins perpetrated throughout the evening on Tuesday, January 15th were reported in the rural villages of Arrowsmith, Hudson, and Lexington involving forced entry into residents homes and robbing of various goods and items.

Along with jewelry, electronics were taken in two of the cases and a handgun in one. Police state the robbery’s are similar to other such instances in the way in which the suspects approached the houses, where one goes up to the front door with the intention of asking about some lost personal item and the rest force open the back door, pick up as many valuables as they can carry, and then slip out before they can be apprehended.

Rural inhabitants are encouraged to report any suspicious personnel and/or activities directly to the sheriff’s department, as well as any other information they might have on the incidents. Residents may reach the department at 309-888-5030.

Work Continues Over Winter Break For Unit 5 Staff
Throughout break, workers and staff stayed hard at work renovating several schools in the district.

Including converting a computer lab to a classroom at Cedar Ridge Elementary and installing a dryer and washer at Field Vocational Training Center, workers also added a ramp at Hudson Elementary, finished a science lab at Evans Junior High, and repaired a garage lift and manhole at the transportation center. This was part of a five day long working period for the staff in which the unit improves and maintains its facilities.

Along with the aforementioned additions, the unit completed several other projects including:

  • Adding a cafe door and reconfiguring cameras at Chiddix Junior High
  • Improving several air vents and drains at Normal Community West
  • And maintenance work on the bleachers at Kingsley Junior High