Sadie Hawkins Dance


Ticket stubs for the Sadie Hawkins Dance.

Normal Community student council members are hosting a Sadie Hawkins dance on Saturday February 16 at NCHS.

A Sadie Hawkins dance compels girls to step into the shoes of a boy and be the one to choose a date for the dance. The dance goes against classic dance clichés flipping gender rolls on both sides of the spectrum. Girls do the asking and are expected to pay (lets see if that actually happens).

Student council president, Cayla Cardamone, publicized their reasoning for hosting another dance; She stated, “student council wanted to sponsor a second semester, all school dance.” Due to the close proximity to Valentines Day, the semi-formal dance will have a Valentines theme; however, “the dance is not only for couples, [the theme] is just for decorations” Cardamone added.

According to Cardamone, the dance is semi-formal attire. Students are recommended to dress in a nice fashion, however any school appropriate attire will be admitted. NCHS senior Cullen Biever plans to wear khaki pants and a sweater vest to the event. Representing the girls however, senior Luci Weis plans on “wearing a long sleeve dress,” that is less casual than a homecoming dress. Along with Weis, many upper classmen have referred the dance as ‘less-expensive homecoming’ meaning expenditures on flowers and other costs will be eliminated.

Central Catholic’s version of a Sadie Hawkins dance, TWIRP (the woman is required to pay), has been an annual success. Graduated Central Catholic student Donny Mchenry recalls, “TWIRP was always fun because it was a change of pace from the regular dances.” Central students anticipate the event each year and enjoy the unique atmosphere the dance creates. Additionally, Hanna Cresci of Central Catholic reveals,  “I liked the pictures and dinner.” Cresci also said she wore a dress to the dance every year. Andrew Kunts, boyfriend of Cresci, shockingly remembers, “I think Hanna actually paid.” As the traditions of a Sadie Hawkins dance are greatly anticipated at CCHS, the same expectations are in place at NCHS.

Unfortunately due to Unit 5 board rules, no dates from other schools can attend the dance. Board rules only let a school allow students from outside of the school twice a year. NCHS has selected the homecoming dance and prom to allow non-students.

Student council members will be selling tickets February 6th-13th during the lunch hours. The cost per ticket is $5 and covers admission to the dance and free parking in the NCHS lot. The dance is open to any NCHS student. Show your support for the Normal Community student council and purchase your ticket (and your dates if you’re a girl) to the Sadie Hawkins dance.