No tanning law change in Illinois

An inside view of a tanning bed.

An inside view of a tanning bed.

Contrary to public speculation, no new tanning laws will be in effect in the Bloomington-Normal area.  Confusion may be surfacing from cities such as Chicago and Springfield, which are banning minors from using indoor tanning beds regardless of parental consent. reveals a motion from March of 2012 to make indoor tanning illegal for all minors in the state of Illinois.  This motion has not been acted on a statewide level according to the owner of B-N Tanning.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Indoor Tanning Association is attempting to “steer the debate away from an all-out ban for minors.” Although spending time in a tanning bed can be unhealthy, a complete ban of minors would seriously affect the industry.

Unlike retail stores, a tanning salon’s busy season is near the dates of homecoming and prom. The speculated ban scheduled to begin February 1st would greatly affect the prom season profits.

According to The Pantagraph, “California was the first state to approve a ban on indoor tanning for minors. Illinois and a handful of other states have proposed legislation for a complete ban on minors from tanning this year.” Also, the citywide bans in Springfield and Chicago are showing hope on a statewide ban in Illinois.

As of now, a tanning ban for minors will not go into effect. Various associations on both sides of the debate are attempting to steer the vote in their favor. However, the Bloomington-Normal area will not have to find an alternative indoor tanning option for the upcoming spring break and dance season.