2012 Early Graduates

For some of us, the end is near. A total of 22 seniors will be graduating on December 21, 2012.

“I’m so close, but I still have to get through school,” claimed Meredith Brown(12).  “Anyway, I’m so excited to get done soon.”

However, not all early graduates are making this decision simply to get out of school.

“I see it as an honor,” explained Justin Erikson(12). “I tried really hard to graduate early.”

After a seemingly long semester, a handful of seniors will be free to move on from their high school lives, and onto bigger and better things.

“I am getting my associate [degree] in Art at Heartland [Community College], then going to ISU for Special Education,” explained Lexi Woodrum(12).

According to counselor’s records, a total of seven students will be finishing off their year at Heartland Community College, with another three moving on to Illinois State University, and several going to miscellaneous colleges. The popularity of the local community college in Bloomington/Normal is growing by the year.

“I have already taken classes at Heartland, so I just decided to finish the semester there,” said Woodrum.

Seniors Justin Erikson and Lexi Woodrum plan to graduate this December and go on to a local community college.
Photo by Lindsay Page

The popularity of graduating early is also continuing to grow here at NCHS. For some students, the pros of having an early graduation and a head start on college seem to outweigh the cons of being unable to attend certain “senior events” that happen later in the spring. However, several students don’t agree.

“I wouldn’t want to miss senior activities, like prom, senior picnic and brunch, etcetera,” Megan Cable(12) said.  “Above all, I wouldn’t want to miss out playing soccer my senior year, seniority is once in a lifetime.”

However, many of these early-graduates have their reasons for why they decided to leave NCHS in a few short days.

“It was a better option for my program in college, I needed a head start,” Brown said. Others, such as Woodrum, claim it would help them financially. Along with college, she plans on using the remainder of the year to work and earn money.

All in all, the excitement between this handful of students is thriving. With every ring of the bell they take a step closer to independence, adulthood, and perhaps a few good parties.

“I’m just so dang excited to get out of high school!” exclaimed Paige Perry(12).



Meredith Brown

Lauren Garvin

Stephanie Soto

Heartland Community College:

Morgan Goeken

Deanna Hayes

Delaney Kroll

Taylor Neill

Paige Perry

Sarah Schultz

Daniel Smith

Stephanie Springer

Elmhurst College:

Stephanie Agnew

Paul Mitchell School of Cosmetology:

Megan O’Brien

Southeastern Community College (IA):

Jennifer Toon


Justin Erickson

Michael Leis

Paola Rodriguez

Devin Stork

Paige Thomas

Maya Walker

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