Photo Gallery: Tigers Be Still

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  • Director of Tigers Be Still, Emma Williams speaks to the audience before the play begun. The show was put on by Williams as part of a sociology project to raise money for PATH.

  • Tyger Gudeman played the character Sherry. Sherry was an art therapist who was finally able to get a job and was trying to take care of her sister and mother.

  • Maggie Shackley played the character Grace, Sherry’s (Tyger Gudeman) sister, who was going through a breakup with her fiance.

  • Logan Dirr played the character Zack who was still dealing with the death of his mom, compressing his anger and trying to keep a job at CVS.

  • Jack Mondragon played the character Joseph who was Zack’s (Logan Dirr) dad and a principal at a middle school.

  • Logan Dirr and Jack Mondragon during the Dinnertime scene.

  • Maggie Shackley’s character wears her wedding veil and eats chocolate cake.

  • Tyger Gudeman and Logan Dirr during The Love Story of Wanda and and Joseph scene.

  • Tyger Gudeman dances during the Walgreens scene.

  • Maggie Shackley, Tyger Gudeman and Logan Dirr during the art therapy scene.

  • Jack Mondragon performs in the final scene, The Tom Cruise Spot.

  • Front row L-R: Katie Stahl, Maggie Shackley, Bella Manzo, Emma Williams, Ivy Goeckner. Second row L-R: Jack Mondragon, Aniya Thompson, Kennedy Coe, Kim Halm, Logan Dirr, Dani Ferrante, Tyger Gudeman, Piper Coe, Kate Sutter, Andrew Alexander.