Photo Gallery: The Diary of Anne Frank

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  • The Diary of Anne Frank opened the weekend of March 3. The play runs through Saturday, March 11.

  • ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ follows the true story of a girl growing up during the Holocaust. Her family is forced to hide due to the deep persecution occurring during that time.

  • Tristan Bixby (10) plays Anne Frank, whose diary, released as the book ‘Diary of a Young Girl’, chronicled a first person view of the persecution in Europe.

  • Nathan Fryer (12) plays Otto Frank, Anne’s father. Otto Frank is the only known member of the Frank family to survive the Holocaust.

  • Anne’s sister, Margot Frank is played by Kendra Baca (11). Anne was forced to share a small room in a crowded attic with her sister.

  • Miep Gies helped the Franks hide. She is played by Megan Avery (11). The real Miep Gies was the person to discover Anne’s diary and later give it to Anne’s father, Otto.

  • Will Koski (12) plays Mr. Van Daan, a family friend of the Frank’s.

  • Sophia Rose Brown (12) plays Koski’s wife, Mrs. Van Daan.

  • The couple’s son, Peter Van Daan is played by Guy Gudeman (11).

  • Keegan Colcleasure (10) plays a dentist and another friend of the Frank’s, Mr. Dussel.

  • The characters in the play all live in hiding from the Nazis.

  • The family and friends lived in hiding together for around two years.

  • Because they are Jews, they are forced to wear a yellow badge identifying them as such.

  • The audience sits on the stage with the actors, creating a more personal experience.

  • Fryer states, “The show is a tragedy, but it is a real and painstakingly honest story of innocent people living in fear. No one tells this tragic and heavy story better than a bright, young thirteen year old whose voice has continued to shine for decades.”

  • Tickets are sold at the door. They cost $3 for students and $5 for adults. The final three performances are Thursday, March 9th, Friday, March 10th, and Saturday, March 11th at 7:00 PM.