Photo Gallery: Night life of Central Illinois

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  • The Bloomington-Normal 5:00 rush hour ignites the night hours of town.

  • People tend to head out to dinner once work ends at places like Moe’s Southwest Grill.

  • The Veteran’s Parkway area has businesses that rush all night like Chili’s.

  • Eastland Mall tends to get evening customers in it’s variety shops.

  • Once late night hits, movie theaters like Starplex Cinemas get their largest rush of customers.

  • In Bloomington-Normal’s surrounding countryside, the sun sets to silhouette wind farms.

  • In the summer, the sun goes down around 8 o’clock.

  • The local baseball team, the Cornbelters, compete in the fading sunlight.

  • While the rest of the town gets busier, schools are empty inside and out.

  • The football scoreboard patiently waits for its next use during Friday night games in the fall.

  • The moon lights up the clouds of Illinois and brightens up the dark fields of crop.

  • The traffic dies down once businesses start to close. The night life goes dark, but the street lights still shine.