Photo Gallery: Decades day

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  • Taylor Railey, Brooke Vogel, Teresa Taflan, and Makayla Villela, all seniors dressed up in styles from different decades

  • Junior Sophia Rose Brown dressed as a Hippie

  • Senior Merci Sugai

  • Seniors Colleen Connelly, Selena Wade, Kate Meulemans, and Chase O’Neal show off their Throwback apparel

  • Juniors Nadia Khusro and Taylor White

  • Brooklyn Shaw and Hayley Metz, Juniors

  • Seniors Kate Meulemans and Selena Wade

  • Juniors Corrissa and Samantha Small dressed up in 70s clothing

  • Seniors Ayanna Johnson and Brianna Maebane Blackwell wore 90s apparel

  • Seniors Jessica Sheelam and Jessica Shung

  • Junior Noelle Douglass wore 70s vintage that she borrowed from her mother, many students wore things they or their parents already had

  • Seniors Brooke Hoeferle, Morgan Brant, Mary Kate Patton, Morgan Reeps, and Olivia Wills

  • Seniors Alec Trela and Megan Egenes dressed up as a couple from the 50s