Photo Gallery: Character day

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  • Katie Shadid (12) as Marla from the movie Fight Club

  • NCHS junior as Buzz Lightyear

  • Nicole Rojas (12) as Jasmine from Aladdin

  • Ms. Baker as a nurse from Grey’s Anatomy

  • Seth Gifford (12) as “Rick Roll guy” and Merci Sugai (12) as a character from Bob’s Burgers

  • Morgan Reeps (12) and Lexi Rice (12) show off their costumes of Cosmo and Wanda.

  • Matt Hayes (12), Kate Hollingsead (12), Soumit Lahiri (12), and Jessica Holtz (12) pose as the four friends from “The Wizard of Oz.”

  • Evan Milsteadt (10) and Natalie Alfeo (11), dressed as two members of the Scooby Gang, snap a shot with their famous car.

  • Courtnee Madsen (12) works on her laptop while dressed as Batman.

  • Nicole Lewis (12), Courtnee Madsen (12), Jenna Martel (12), Dana Lopez (12), Emily Henrichs (12), Reilly McGuire (12), James Leone (12), Addison Fugitt (12), Cameron Rink (12), Drew Klein (12), and Megan Gallagher (12) from a third hour Human Geography class pose for a group photo in their costumes.