Photo Gallery: Pj day

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  • Haley Carter (12), Radiance Campbell (12), and Ali Best (12) show off their school spirit in their onesie pajamas. (Melissa Schill)

  • Arianna Sheltens (10) brought her stuffed cat for pajama day. (Melissa Schill)

  • Lili Wang (10) sports a Wonder Woman onesie for pajama day. (Melissa Schill)

  • Alyssa Gourley (12), Stacie Harms (12), Ali Best (12), Addison Blaine (12), Arden Boore (12), and Madison Mroz (12), before their first hour class. (Melissa Schill)

  • Nicole Lewis (12), and Becca Leman (10) wear their animal themed pajamas. (Melissa Schill)