Hiking Arizona

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  • Saguaro Cacti, the most commonly recognized cactus in Arizona, are found mainly on warm, south-facing hills (desertmuseum.org)

  • Hiking is a popular activity in Arizona’s many mountains and hidden trails. This trail leads up Superstition Mountain in Arizona’s Lost Dutchman State Park. Other popular hiking spots include Camelback Mountain.

  • This is the Superstition Mountain, (elevation 5,059 ft) we’re about to hike up under the blazing sun.

  • And so the trek begins

  • This is a cairn, which are built mainly to act as trail markers. Cairns vary in sizes from tiny (such as this one) to huge piles of rocks. They are also occasionally used for astronomical or even burial purposes.

  • Saguaro Cacti can grow more than 25 arms in their 150-200 year life spans (desertmuseum.org)

  • This is a snake hole, as rattlesnakes are numerous along the Arizona hiking trails. Other frequently spotted critters include jackrabbits and tarantulas.

  • Private hiking tours are offered throughout Arizona

  • A mountain goat surveys the horizon.

  • An endless horizon.