Iron’s Got Talent

Each year, the Junior Class sponsors Iron’s Got Talent, an event in which an array of students showcase their unique talents. Performances range from singing to dancing and even puppetry.

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  • Brian Vasilou and Alex Dwyer opened up for Iron’s Got Talent. The two won Battle of the Bands twice, their sophomore and senior year.

  • Keyairah Sinclair, Jenessie Sinclair, Arnita Patternson, Bria Rencher, and Amari Funderburg performed an acapella cover of “White Winter”

  • Jeff Smudde, who was originally supposed to perform alongside Josh Everly, sang “Lay Me Down” as a solo.

  • Jacee Henry, Kayla Hunyh, and Julia Read performed an originally choreographed routine to “You’ll Find a Way”

  • Andrea Crose, who was originally supposed to sing “The Climb”, changed and covered “Skinny Love”.

  • Mel Campbell presented one of his hand crafted puppets, told jokes, and even did a spot-on impersonation of President Obama.

  • Reid Gramm hosted the event and kept things light, cracking jokes, and welcoming performers.

  • Alyssa Licudine performed a unique medley of Feeling Good, House of the Rising Sun and Cry Me a River.

  • Jordan Stipp wowed the audience with an impressive dance mix. He was definitely a crowd favorite.

  • Brandon Brown and Jenna Martel performed a refreshing stripped down cover of “Latch”.

  • The first of the entertainment acts was Sai Komaragiri who played the tabla, a set of hand drums, alongside social studies teacher Stefen Robinson.

  • iroN’SYNC was another special entertainment act, performing popular N’SYNC songs from the late 90s and early 2000s.