Lanie’s Story – Episode 2: 20-35 Weeks

As second semester of her freshman year began, Lanie began to celebrate her motherhood and prepare for the arrival of her baby.

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  • At 20 weeks, Lanie was able to find out the gender of her baby.

  • Lanie decided to throw a gender reveal party; she wanted to feel excited about having a child.

  • Lanie and Isaac found out they were expecting a girl after opening a sack filled with pink balloons.

  • Lanie officially announced her pregnancy on Instagram after people began to find out. Many people congratulated her, while others were not as kind.

  • As she started to show more, Lanie began a program where she came into school for two half-days a week, and did the rest of her schooling from home.

  • At 35 weeks, Lanie went into early labor after possibly contracting a UTI. At this time, the baby’s lungs and brain are not yet completely developed, so she was admitted to the hospital.