Watch 10 Fast and Furious films, earn $1K

$55 an hour? 

Without having to leave the comfort of your couch? 

That summer job could be yours courtesy of Finance Buzz, a website that provides financial tips, advice and recommendations.

With May 19’s release of “Fast X,” the newest installment in the blockbuster Fast and Furious franchise, the company is looking for someone to assess the auto damage across all 10 movies.

Finance Buzz will pay one lucky person $1000 to watch the over twenty hours of exhilarating accidents, badass brawls and riveting romance. 

That winner will need to play the role of Insurance Claims Adjuster, recording the number of accidents, which vehicles are involved and the extent of the damages across the series. 

The Finance Buzz team will use those findings to estimate the insurance impact of the franchise’s reckless driving, the basis for an upcoming story on the corporation’s website. 

In addition to the 1K payday, Finance Buzz provides $100 to cover the cost of any streaming fees, movie rentals, tickets and, of course, the snacks to fuel the movie marathon.

To be eligible, applicants must be at least 18, reside in the United States, be able to rent or stream movies and screen “Fast X” in theaters. 

The winner has two weeks to make it to the finish line, completing all ten films.

Applications must be submitted by May 19 at 10:59 Central. The winner will be selected May 26 and contacted via email.

Interested applicants can apply here.