Spilling the beans on Bloomington-Normal’s coffee shops

Emma Conover and Lauren Cutler traveled around Bloomington Normal, in search of the best local coffee shop. Take a look at the five local shops they reviewed to see what makes them unique and what they have to offer in the video below.

At each stop, Conover and Cutler putting the shop’s brews to the test. Sampling one beverage at each location, the pair each reviewed the drink based on its taste and value. Check out each reviewer’s rankings and review below and the ultimate overall winner.

After tasting a similar drink at five area coffee shops, Emma Conover offered up her rankings on a 10 point scale and thoughts on the beverage’s flavor.
Lauren Cutler tasted similar drinks at local coffee shops, offering her opinion on each’s flavor.
After comparing their tasting scores, Emma and Lauren were in agreement that one local coffee shop stood above the rest – Fusion Brew. In addition to offering the best value, Fusion Brew was the highest ranked by both reviewers. The Coffee Hound offered the fastest service (and the most in-town locations). Ivy Lane’s aesthetic was described as “adorable” by both Emma and Lauren. The two also were impressed by Crafted’s design and outdoor recreation offerings.