Food to feed the stomach; Books to feed the brain

Little Free Library boxes painted to serve community

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  • The three blue newspaper boxes are part of Little Free Pantry while the two brown boxes are part of the Little Free Library. The Little Free Pantry was started by Raji Moore (10) in 2016.

  • On the top of the Little Free Pantry Boxes there are the words “Little”, “Free”, and “Pantry” painted to help the public recognize what the old newspaper boxes are being used for. In order to describe some of the ideals the Little Free Pantry stands for, the words “Hope”, “Love”, and “Peace” are also painted on the Pantry.

  • The backs of the Little Free Pantry boxes are painted to represent the Little Free Pantry’s mottoes; To spread love and to do so being together.

  • Isha Gollapudi (8) designed the paintings for the Little Free Library boxes. Manasa Chenna (11) and Akhilasri Arla (8) were both present on Friday, October 4 to help paint as well as to help inaugurate the library. This year’s team lead for the LFP/LFL group is Manasa Chenna (11).

  • The group also decided to refresh the paint on the Little Free Pantry boxes.

  • Hema Kasturi, Yash and Isha Gollapudi’s mother, is often present at LFP events. She lets the group use her house as a place to meet to discuss future plans.

  • Moments before the inauguration, Mamatha More and the group huddled to discuss the event.

  • Both Raji More (10) and Isha Gollapudi (8) talked to the media at the inauguration.

  • Scott and Ally Preston were both present at the event. The Little Free Library and Pantry were built on Preston’s land.

  • Karen Schmidt, a previous City Council member, attended the inauguration.

  • Books placed in the library will help to teach individuals life skills.

  • There were books painted on the back of both library boxes to symbolize their purpose.

  • Schmidt gifted Raji More (10) with a book to place in the LFL.

  • All three individuals, Karen Schmidt, Scott Preston, Allison Preston looked through the books they brought to place in the Library.

  • Scott Preston, and Karen Schimdt cut the ribbons for the inauguration.

  • Allison and Scott Preston placed the books they brought inside the library.

  • Leads for this project, Isha Gollapudi (8) and Shruthi Vudaru (8) were extremely pleased with how the event turned out.

  • Scott Preston expressed how impressed he is with the group: “What is being done here with the little free library is great, and is used and will be used and valued by people on its own, but even beyond that, the fact that this is something that is coming up by a group of 50 high schoolers. It’s awesome to see, it’s an inspiration to me that they’re the ones doing it and leading the sole way and I think that puts a special tone to the whole mission.”

  • Karen Schmidt expressed how amazed she was with how many people know what the Little Free Pantry is: “My son lives right down the street here in that yellow house, so I’m down here a lot so I see people using it. I think the thing that has really struck me about it is that people know what it is. When you say “Little Free Pantry”, they immediately think of this spot and they know what it is and they have positive thoughts about it. It feeds into this idea that we are a loving and giving community, and that we take care of each other.”