300 Words: Mackenzie Kraft’s passion for raising her own livestock


Inkspot Staff

The 300 word series is inspired by Brady Dennis’s St. Petersburg Times column.

When most students go home to take care of their dogs and cats, Mackenzie Kraft goes home to take care of her goats and chickens, her horse and cow.

For the senior, this is just her everyday life.

Six years ago, Kraft discovered her passion for raising livestock. After proving herself responsible to her parents, they let Kraft care for a few goats.

Unfortunately for Kraft’s parents it didn’t didn’t stop with just goats. “Within a year, I added chickens,” Kraft said, “then…a horse, and last year we got a cow.”

Animals are the core of Kraft’s day as she is enrolled in agriculture classes at school, and works at Ropp Jersey Cheese Farm as a replacement milker.

Once home Kraft feeds the animals, checks their water then grooms her horse. With the goats that Kraft owns she presents them to a panel of judges at competitions. Besides taking care of her livestock and working, Kraft still integrates agriculture into her school day.

Kraft has been involved with Future Farmers of America (FFA) for four years at Normal Community. Through FFA, she has learned how to be better prepared for different careers. Kraft has been surrounded by agriculture as a result of her family owning a farm.

Kraft has continued the family tradition of being apart of FFA as her grandpa, dad and now Kraft and her sister have been involved. “I actually did get into FFA because of my farm background,” Kraft said, “I just got in it to learn about animals, but I learned a lot more than animals.”

Kraft will keep learning about agriculture as she plans to attend Iowa State to receive a Bachelor’s of Animal Science degree. Kraft has found that agriculture is something she’s passionate about as it will continue to be a part of her life.


Mackenzie Kraft was part of the Inkspot staff for the 2017-2018 school year.