IMC update: Collab lab

IMC remodels former computer lab space

The IMC went through some remodeling over the summer,. The computer lab that once existed in the IMC was removed and replaced with a collaboration center. Mrs. Fox-Anvick, the head librarian, stated that “since everybody has a laptop, we wanted a better use of this space. It was a big, ugly bank of desktops that weren’t very important, so we thought it would be a much nicer space to use as a collaborative area and to just open it up.” Fox-Anvick added that she is “thrilled with it.”

  1. The new area in the IMC is meant to be used by students for both individual and group work. Students can utilize the space during free time, such as during lunch, to have a quiet place to study. Teachers also have the opportunity to reserve the area for class work time.
  2. Nine computers from the original lab are scattered around the IMC. These computers are used as printing stations and can also be used if your laptop isn’t working properly.
  3. Besides the new Collab Lab, the IMC has several new pieces of furniture. “We have more comfy seating areas to offer kids,” states Fox-Anvick. “As far as feedback from students goes, that’s been something that students want.” Like the tables in the Collab Lab, these chairs are always open for students who wish to read, study, or research in the IMC.
  4. With the beginning of a new year, Fox-Anvick has a few goals concerning Collab Lab usage and the IMC as a whole. She states, “I just want kids to ask themselves what their purpose is. I want kids to rethink this idea of the IMC as hangout space; I want you to hang out and be comfortable and read a book and do some homework. I don’t necessarily want you to just shoot the breeze with your friends . . . It’s a fine line.”