Photo Gallery: What seniors hope to accomplish within their last semester

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  • “I really want to just live in the moment and to not stress too much about my future.” Caitlyn Loveridge

  • “Get a 4.0 GPA.” Dakota Cremeens

  • “My goal as a senior is to not take for granted this semester in high school, and I hope to pick the college that works for me and continue to have a great high school experience.” Julia Read

  • “I want to create friendships that I can take with me to college.” Kayla Hartley

  • “Building stronger friendships with people I’ve been with for these last couple years and enjoying the time I have in high school” Miles Simington

  • “I would like to finish out my last semester strong and make the most of my last couple of months.” Felicia Jia

  • “To build relationships with my peers.” Savannah Harpel

  • “Stay alive.” Ethan Schuller

  • “To hangout with people I will miss.” Zoe Loitz