Photo Gallery: NCHS students on the best gifts they gave over the holidays

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  • “My favorite gift I gave was a new dish set to my mom. My mom hated the dishes we had before she had received the new ones. I loved to see her so happy opening the gift, because I knew she would love them. My mom does so much for me, I needed to return the favor,” said Andy Zajac (11).

  • “I gave a heart necklace to my mom, because it shows how much I love and care about her,” said Elizabeth Blair (12).

  • “I gave a friend a chipmunk puzzle set. I found it really funny, and thought he would appreciate it,” said Michelle Duong (10).

  • “Over Christmas I got my sister a Starbucks gift card, due to her absolute obsession over Starbucks,” said John Faulkner (9).

  • “I gave my parents a gift card for $50, because they deserve it. They do so much for my siblings and I. I cannot imagine what I would do without them. They just deserve so much and they deserve that break on me,” said Kali Ublish (12).

  • “I got an Alphabet Dog for my baby cousin, because she is my favorite family member,” said Summer Williams (10).

  • “I gave my brother a custom-made pen with the Marines’ logo on it; the pen’s tip was shaped like a bullet, and the way you click the pen is by pushing it forward, like a bolt action rifle,” said Ian McCormic (12).

  • “I gave my friend a necklace that she had wanted for a long time,” said Rachel Hoback (10).

  • “I bought my mom a necklace, and she loved it,” said Erika Basford (10).

  • “I bought a massage for my mom,” said Julia Ridgway (10).

  • “I bought my girlfriend a necklace from Zales, because I love her,” said Dustin Walters (10).