Photo Gallery: Students respond to “Which class are you looking forward to the most this semester?”


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  • “I like AP Psychology so far. I think psychology is interesting and I’ve always liked it and learning about the mind. I’m just happy that we have a class that lets me learn more about what interests me. And if I take the AP test, then I will get credit for college.” -Jiaying Gao (12)

  • “I am most excited about my theater class and doing the musical this semester. I like going in depth and learning hands on about everything that goes into planning the show and creating the show.” O’Connell, who usually only does the musical in the spring semester, is attempting to participate in both the spring play and the spring musical. “I already auditioned for one of them, I just have to audition for the musical still.” -Bridget O’Connell (11)

  • “I’m most excited for my math class, Algebra 1. I excel in math and it is part of my interest so I enjoy it.” -Pierce Block (10)

  • Hailey Harvey (9) says that she is most looking forward to her English class this year. “I have Mrs. Runyon and Mrs. Trimpe,” Harvey says. “I basically like the writing part of English and how it’s different each year; different books, different topics, things like that.”

  • “The class I like so far is Ceramics and Sculptures. Right now we are doing this project where we take construction paper and make something out of it that is realistic like flowers or something like that. I took Drawing and Painting 1 freshmen year and last semester I took Drawing and Painting 2 so I really like art classes.” -Kayla Christiansen (10)

  • “I would say my favorite class is Business Management with Mrs. Freymann. We learn about how to manage a business, what entrepreneurs do, stuff like that. One day, I want to manage my own business so this class feels really important to me. I just really enjoy learning about something different.” -Ishamel Bailey (11)

  • “I’m excited for English this year. I have Mrs. Urbance and she just makes the class really fun. I can tell that she will make the class enjoyable so I’m looking forward to that.” -Danielle Haines (11)

  • “This semester I am really excited for Honors English 2. First semester it really wore me out and I kind of hated it. But Mr. McWhorter really got me through and he has been kind of a role model to me. With his guidance, which I trust, I’m really excited to get feedback on writing and really get a lot out of the readings. Whenever he gives a talk in class, I walk out feeling like I’ve really learned something and I love that feeling, so I’m looking forward to that now.” -Zachary Mikel (10)

  • “I would have to say that Choir is my favorite class this semester. That is where I have a lot of friends and a lot of other classes I don’t have many friends yet, just because they are new this semester. Also a lot of my other classes are pretty intense, like Physics and stuff like that so choir is my relief from all of that.” -Isaiah Holaway (11)

  • “I am looking forward to my Internship Program class. It will be fun to go into the community and do something besides just taking a class at school. I’m trying to intern at an elementary school, but no one has emailed me back yet. But I’m hoping to find something soon because it will be really fun.” -Kaytlin Halperin (12)