Photo Gallery: How students spent winter break


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  • Nick Everett (10) spent break “hanging out with friends, played basketball at 4 Seasons.”

  • “I got an XBox 360 for Christmas.”-Avery Smithson (9)

  • “I dropped a new song, ‘Pull up’ on my Soundcloud.”-Lawrence Washington (12)

  • “I went to Arkansas to visit family and hung out with cousins.”-Preston Love (11)

  • “I went to my grandma’s house and just spend time with my family.”-Kaleb Gordon (9)

  • “I went to Chicago with my family and spent the day shopping with my mom.”-Julia Lemke (12)

  • “I went scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef with my family.”-Landry Mavungu (11)

  • “I came up with a new dance routine.” -Laquan Rogland (10)

  • Azaya Harris (11) “went paintballing with friends in Peoria.”

  • William Donhardt (12) “went turkey hunting with friends.”