“This school has a Film club?”: Movie making club revitalized


The production of student films is on the rise this year as Film club is expanding.

In the past, Film club had been an organization where members would focus on watching movies, but has transformed into a place where members go to produce, film, and edit their own video projects.

“When I took [film club] over, I made it more about making movies, not watching them,” said current Film club sponsor, Mrs. Christie.

The club used to be sponsored by social studies teacher, Mr. Lawler. However, as the interest rose in the process of making movies, Mrs. Christie took over.

Film club vice president, Jonah Oehler, described the by club saying that it is “where we get together to film movies, we go to have fun.”

Since the start of Mrs. Christie’s sponsorship 6 years ago, a lot has changed within the club.

“Film club used to be a continuation of Advanced Digital Media,” said Christie, “Now the majority of the people [in the club] aren’t even in Digital Media or Advanced Digital Media. They are strictly coming in because they are interested in the area but not taking a course in it.”

Film club has grown immensely in the past year alone. Growing from less than 10 members in the spring of 2016 to over 30 members this fall.

When asked about the large change, Christie said, “Students in the club now and in the leadership roles have made it into something more worth coming to.”

The club has advertised for the first time this year with a goal to reach out to students with a variety of talents, hoping to put them all together to make great films.

“In the past they would just come and hang out and not really know what to do,” said Christie, “but now there are set things and projects to get involved with.”

The club is always open to new members and hopes to continue to grow. They meet every Monday and Friday after school in room 65.

“We have a lot of fun doing just crazy, stupid, and dumb things in film club,” expressed Oehler. “It’s a fun way to get your ideas into film.”