How to say goodbye to NCHS


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  • Step 1: Reminisce on the time you spent at Normal Community High School. Senior Ben Ryan spends time outside on his last day of classes.

  • Step 2: Finish your classwork. Seniors work through their lunch periods to ensure all of their assignments are completed before graduation.

  • Step 3: Thank the administration. Senior Colleen Connelly expresses her gratitude to the administrative staff and those who work in the office.

  • Step 4: Return your materials. Students who do not return their text books, library books, and school rented laptops will be fined.

  • Step 5: Get ready for the end of the year. Mrs. Kelly and senior yearbook staff members Megan Egenes and Colleen Connelly work to finish the 2015-2016 yearbook that will be available for pick up at registration for the 2016-2017 school year.

  • Step 6: Empty you lunch account. Kayla Huynh, senior, spent all the money left in her lunch account on cookies which she handed out to her friends.

  • Step 7: Enjoy your last NCHS lunch with friends. Students sit in the fishbowl during 5th hour lunch.

  • Step 8: Spend time with your friends. Seniors Ben Ryan, Courtnee Madsen, Kelly Wallace, Kate Meulemans, and Emma Rients sit outside of the school and play games.

  • Step 9: Leave NCHS for the last time. Although you likely will not miss the early start times, the long lines, or the young drivers, NCHS is hard to leave. Good luck class of 2016!