How to make a graduation momento photo collage

Step by step instructions to make an initial photo collage.

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  • All of the materials needed to make a photo collage.

  • Scissors to cut the pictures out.

  • To reuse the sponge brushes, clean the brushes with hand soap right after.

  • Mod podge will be used to glue the pictures on, the mod podge is placed underneath the picture and on top.

  • Cut all of the printed pictures out.

  • Lay out the pictures before pasting for an idea of the placements.

  • It’s okay to layer pictures if needed.

  • Dip sponge brush into mod podge.

  • You will want to cover the brush with a thin layer of mod podge and use more if needed.

  • Paste a layer of mod podge on area you wish to place the photo.

  • Make sure you get the whole area underneath the picture so it’s flat.

  • Press the photo down.

  • Begin to place a thin layer of mod podge atop the photo.

  • Try to keep pasting the mod podge in the same direction to avoid smearing.

  • Continue this process as you go, deciding which pictures will overlap.

  • Only one layer of mod podge is needed atop the photos. If more is used, the ink might smear.

  • Pay attention to how you are layering the photos.

  • If the picture hangs off the side, then use scissors or an exacto-knife to match shape of base.

  • Make sure the exacto knife is close to the wood to get a close cut.

  • An exacto-knife will get a closer cut than scissors.

  • The finished collage.