Adventures in Uptown

Featuring Seniors Kate Hollingsead, Amanda Swift, and Katelin Dirr, Staff Reporter Rachel Leman follows how friends can have fun in Uptown Normal.

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  • Uptown Normal isn’t very large, but it can be confusing. There are maps at various points throughout Uptown that can help explain the layout.

  • Uptown can be a spot for friends to hangout and relax, especially during the summer.

  • Many of the shops in Uptown are designed differently than shops in other parts of Normal. For example, shops like The Pod, and Windy City Wieners have brightly colored doors.

  • Those who own, run, and work stores in Uptown all give the area a small-town feel with their kindness and reliability.

  • The various businesses in Uptown offer trademark shops, diners, and in some cases, like The Garlic Press, both in one.

  • The outside of shops in Uptown are lined with various benches and tables, making it a perfect summer hangout for groups of friends.

  • Uptown offers customers opportunity to buy things that can’t normally be found at a classic retail store.

  • Uptown is home to a record shop (Waiting Room Records), a comic book store (Acme Comics), and a store entirely dedicated to guitars (Guitar World).

  • For decades, Uptown has housed the Normal Theater, which regularly shows old, new, and all other types of films.

  • Uptown can relax people and give them time to wind down from life.

  • It can also be a place for connection with friends.

  • Uptown Normal holds the entertainment of the big city with the stress-free style of a small town.