Wrigley Field vs Busch Stadium

There is not a lot of love lost between the Cubs and the Cardinals. Fans of each team argue about anything, including the better home field. But who really has the better stadium?

Wrigley Field

1. This year, Wrigley Field celebrates it’s 100 birthday. No other team in the MLB can say their stadium has as much history as Wrigley.

2. 1937 was a historic year for the Friendly Confines. In that year, the Cubs installed their hand operated scoreboard in center field. Today, that scoreboard is the only of it’s kind left in the league.

3. Can’t find a seat in the bleachers? No problem! Wrigley Field offers extra bleachers on the rooftops across the street from Wrigley.

4. If a casual  fan were to say what makes Wrigley special, they would say the ivy. Planted in 1937, the ivy on the outfield walls hide a brick wall that makes Wrigley Field very distinguishable.

5. Also in 1937, the Cubs famous marquee sign was installed. The red sign makes Wrigley Field seen from all of Chicago.

Busch Stadium

1. The Big Mac Sign in left field has given fans a reason to cheer for home runs for years. Each time a Cardinal home run hits the sign, every fan in attendance gets a free Big Mac.

2. St. Louis crown jewel, the St. Louis Arch, has had effects on Busch Stadium in a couple of ways. The famous monument is mowed into the grass in center field.

3. The arch itself is very visible behind center field, reminding opposing players exactly what city they are in.

4. On the lot where the former Busch Stadium stood, Ballpark Village now stands. Ballpark Village offers Cardinals restaurants, children’s games, and much more.

5. Though only being open for 8 years, Busch Stadium has played host to two World Series titles.

Bottom Line

With it’s deep history and instantly recognizable monuments, Wrigley Field has a clear advantage over Busch Stadium.