Best 3 Restaurants in Bloomington- Normal

Bloomington- Normal has lots of places to eat. The town holds the national record of containing the most restaurants per capita. Whatever food one might want, they can get it here. But which restaurant is the best? I have eaten at almost everywhere in town, and have decided to rate my top 3 eateries. I wanted to shy away from chains, and give examples of places that you can only eat at in Blo-No.

3. Biaggi’s
It goes without contest that Biaggi’s is the best Italian place in town. A cut above the rest, it offers great service and a wide variety of entrees. The pasta dishes are proportional enough to fill you, while the salads can feed you and a friend. Try not filling yourself up on the delicious bread and olive oil appetizers.

2. Epiphany Farms Restaurant
Epiphany Farms Resaurant is the most unique restaurant in Normal. They raise and grow all the food they serve, besides salt. The restaurant owns two farming properties outside Normal in which they raise crops, chickens, pigs, fish, among other things. When one eats here, they can taste the fresh and organic materials that make it. Because of this, I can recommend everything on the menu. Combine good food with the interesting location of an old fire station, as well as fantastic service, and one is bound to have a great dining experience.

1. Two Blokes And A Bus
If someone in BloNo hasn’t eaten here yet, know is the time to do so. Two Blokes has all the local flair you could expect, and is delicious as well. The restaurant is on a refurbished English double-decker bus, and changes locations every day around dinnertime. Two Blokes offers a variety of dishes, from Cuban rice to their popular steak kabob. Everything tastes unique, with flavors that can’t be duplicated anywhere else. The seating is on the top half of the bus, while all cooking is done on the bottom. Everything from the setting to the food has a special flair that you can not find anywhere else.