The preschool room

The image above features a view of NCHS’s preschool classroom where high students have the opportunity to teach preschool children. The picture displays where some of the common activities occur in the preschool class.

1.  The Library- In the library, the preschoolers have the opportunity to read during their 20 minutes of free play. This area also provides books to the teachers, that can be read aloud to the preschoolers during story time.

2. The Kitchen- In the kitchen, the preschoolers may play as cashiers, shoppers or pretend to have a lunch. The kitchen has all sorts of food, silverware, dishes and money.

3. The Calendar/Weather- The calendar is where the preschoolers learn what day it is, what month it is, and what year it is. The weather wheel is on the side, the weather wheel features the concepts of: sunny, cloudy, rainy, snowy, and windy; as well as hot and cold. Each day, one preschooler is chosen during the calendar and weather activity and that preschooler has the opportunity to look at the window and describe the current weather.

4. The Letter Carpet- The letter carpet is where the preschoolers sit during story and calendar time. The preschoolers must sit on one of the letters during story or calendar time. During story time, NCHS students read a story of their choice to the preschoolers.

5. The Traffic Carpet- The traffic carpet is where the preschoolers can bring cars, blocks, action figures, etc. to play with during free play. The traffic carpet is very popular among the preschoolers.