The ten items you need In college

Many seniors at NCHS are now considering, if they have not already decided on, a college to attend. College, for many young people, is a period of growth and maturity as they make decisions about their futures. But the actual college experience isn’t always easy if it is not properly prepared for.

In light of this, compiled here is a  list of items that will make life easier during the transition into the collegiate life.The list excludes items that are deemed common sense to have, like clothing and hygienic materials, and focuses on things that an incoming college freshman would not always be in possession of.

1. Tupperware
While in college, many students will not have a disposable income to use freely on food. Therefore, when they get a luxury meal such as takeout Chinese, they will use Tupperware to keep leftovers as a next meal.

2. A Thermos
Ben Gifford, a freshman at Iowa State University, says, “Never schedule an 8 a.m. class.” On the off chance that you do, having a way to keep coffee warm while trudging to class may keep you going just a little longer.

3. Bicycle
A bike may be very beneficial to a person living on campus. As more and more colleges are adopting bike paths, owning one allows one to get around inexpensively and quickly (and allow the owner to sleep in an extra 3 minutes).

4. Netflix
It is rough not having the ability to watch T.V. Many times owning and upkeeping a television will burn a hole in your wallet. But, Netflix allows the ability to watch unlimited shows and movies on your laptop for less than ten dollars a month.

5. Bus Pass
This also goes in a similar category with the bike, and a bus pass provides another rather inexpensive way to travel around campus

6. Ramen Noodles
This is ultimate college dinner, Ramen provides a meal for one that can be made in five minutes and costs a buck.

7. Large amounts of socks and underwear
Although this qualifies as clothing, many people would underestimate the extent of the amount of socks one should bring. Brandon Tran, a freshman at Purdue University, states, “The more you have, the less you have to do laundry.”

8.Sewing kit
Having the ability to buy new clothes is not something many students will have. Some stitches can save an otherwise usable piece of clothing.

9. Hand sanitizer
College is dirty. For many people, days may go by without . Hand sanitizer gives any germ freak a release to any dirty situations.

10.Tool kit
When not being able to call in for repairs, owning a tool kit and having basic understanding on how to use tools, the kit may become your best friend.