The Diviners review


The Drama Club performed their new fall play, The Diviners, on November 1st, 2nd & 8th, 9th.

The play is about a young, 25 year old former preacher, C.C Showers (Matt Krawcyk;11), who comes to a small town from Kentucky, seeking a new life. He arrives at the home of the Layman family for work and a place to rest his head. He tries to keep his life as a preacher private until the Layman family uncovers his secret.

The whole town then has mixed feelings about Showers, some feel that he is a sign of good things to come while other town folks feel that he could be a con man and bring trouble.

Later on C.C assists the family with Buddy’s water phobia, which he has had ever since his mother saved him and then drowned in the attempt, any time Buddy is near water he itches. Basil then reminds Buddy’s father, Ferris Layman (Samuel Langellier; 12), why he is always itching and how to cure it.

C.C also develops an intimate relationship with Ferris’ daughter Jennie Mae (Natalie van Dongen; 12), who is 18 years old, younger than C.C. Beyond the main story is a subplot between Norma Henshaw (Ali Harvey; 11), one of the women that believe that C.C is the town’s blessing, tries to keep her niece, Darlene Henshaw (Hallie Martin-Chadwick; 10) a perfect and God fearing Christian young woman. However, Darlene is tired of her mother’s strict rules, and hangs out with both Dewey Maples (Jeff Smudde; 11) and Melvin Wilder (Alex Fogal; 12). There then is a small relationship that begins with Dewy and Darlene, but is then stopped by Darlene’s aunt.

Overall, the play is amazing, from the set, to the costumes, and the special effects.

As far as the sets, I loved how the tech team was able to deliver the changes to weather with using perfect sound and lighting effects. A few techniques that I were impressed by was the lightning in one for the scenes involving a storm sequence. As well as when the actors went underwater, which in my opinion was very well done. The way they produced the lighting and muffled the sound, as well as the actors muting themselves at the exact and perfect timing, made you feel that the actor under water, was actually underwater.

It is very emotional and powerful. The performances really pull you in to where you care for the characters and feel their pain, struggles and joy. I literally enjoy all the characters in this play.  The performance ends on a very somber note with the drowning of Buddy which was a very powerful and enduring ending that lasts with you even after the curtains closes, I found myself trying to hold back tears just watching the scene. What really got me was when Jennie Mae cries out Buddy’s name when C.C didn’t get Buddy in time, then I felt the tears start coming and I almost cried.

The Drama Club put on a fantastic show that has left a very strong impression, due to its amazing writing and excellent execution.

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