The Host

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The Host is a mind-bending movie based on the best-selling book by Stephanie Meyer. For those who have read the book, the movie is sub-par. But for those who have not read the book, it is pretty phenomenal.

The story revolves around Melanie Stryder (Saoirse Ronan) a teen caught in the midst of a post-apocalyptic future overthrown by an alien race. The aliens have taken over Earth and control of the human species, using their bodies as “hosts” to experience living on Earth. Melanie is one of the few remaining humans in control of her own body, until she’s caught and an alien named Wanderer is given her body’s control. The problem is that Melanie is a fighter and is not so quick to give up her body just yet. So Wanderer and Melanie learn to coexist in her body, a constant internal struggle that goes on throughout the whole movie.

The Host has an interesting twist on the adventures of love, understanding, and friendship. Melanie struggles to find her loved ones, with a reluctant Wanderer trying to understand an unfamiliar world at the same time.

Overall, the movie portrays a very intriguing concept. At times, the acting did seem fake, but it generally kept the story going very well. I would definitely recommend The Host to anyone who is into a sci-fi, with a twist of romance in there. The Host is a must-see movie.