What seniors will miss about NCHS


Graduation day for the senior class of 2013 is closer than we think. As excited as we may be to get out of high school, there are at least a couple of things we would miss about NCHS. College will be a whole new life for the seniors who may have took advantage of all the little things NCHS had to offer.

A typical week at school goes by slow to some people, but a week that gets students excited is Spirit Week. This exhilarating week is the one leading up to the Homecoming game and dance. The dress up days are determined by the homecoming theme. Usually, the seniors “go all out” when it comes to dressing up and participating in the spirit days. If the college of your choice is not centered around the Greek life, or you have no interest in rushing, you won’t be apart of the spirit days that they participate in. No more tu-tu’s, spray painted faces, or dressing up as your favorite character.

Although the food at NCHS may not be the best, there will always be that favorite school lunch that every senior is bound to miss. Whether it be chicken nuggets, the quesadilla, or the famous Mac n’ Cheese, you won’t find anything like it anywhere else. Depending if you pay for a food plan at college or simply are on your own when it comes to food, you will not have the same menus. Yes, some might be happy that they won’t ever eat the high school lunches again, but deep down, you know you’ll miss at least something from the NCHS cafeteria.

Along with the spirit days and the school lunches, the things we will miss most about NCHS will be the extra curricular classes. Some of these classes include: Culinary Arts, Drawing and Painting, Ceramics, Yearbook, Photography, etc. A majority of the seniors don’t take these classes too seriously because they are simply focussed on graduating. “On top of taking all my AP classes, I like to have some classes that specialize in having fun, rather than hard learning classes; I really enjoyed photography.”  Kelsey Hinshaw (12) exclaimed. In college, we will all be starting the journey of finding our future careers. We will be taking specific classes according to our majors and there will be no room for classes specialized on having fun. The classes in college determine our future.

College will be an eye-opening experience for all seniors. For the last two months before we graduate, we should appreciate what this school has to offer. Things will change drastically in the coming months and we will remember the things we most likely took for granted. Although there are a lot of things we will miss about NCHS, the experiences we had in high school will always stay in our heart.