North Korea comes to NCHS

Liberty in North Korea promotion for their new movie.

Liberty in North Korea promotion for their new movie.

The NCHS Geography Club and the Liberty in North Korea organization are joining forces in the fight to liberate North Korea. The Liberty in North Korea organization has produced a movie following Danny, a refugee that escaped from North Korea.

On Monday, March 18th, NCHS Geography Club will be hosting a private screening of the new movie. The movie premiere is open to anyone in the school who is interested and will be held in the auditorium after school.

The Liberty in North Korea organization considers themselves a “modern day underground railroad” helping North Koreans in hiding. Because helping North Koreans inside the country is difficult, the organization reaches out to those that have already escaped the country.

The organization goes through a three-step process to aid refugees. First, they find and rescue North Koreans who are hiding in China and lead them through their 3,500-mile under ground railroad. Next, they shelter the refugees to help them with their education and acculturation into their new lives. Finally, the organization provides support, encouragement, care, and guidance as refugees get back on their feet in new countries.

The movie follows Danny, a North Korean who made the dangerous journey over the North Korean border into China. The film reveals his thoughts about the voyage and his realization that he had escaped into a life without public executions and starvation. The film tells Danny’s story about the journey to freedom and touches on the lives of those still in North Korea.

Join the NCHS Geography Club in welcoming the film crew. The presentation will include a brief description of the purpose of the film as well as an exclusive screening of the documentary. All are encouraged to take part in this unique opportunity and learn something new about this secluded nation.