The story behind St. Patrick’s day


Although St. Patrick’s Day mainly captures an Irish culture setting, its celebration grasps the attention of many different ethnic backgrounds and places on Earth.  But you may still be wondering, why is St. Patrick so honorable?

Here’s the story – 

St. Patrick was believed to have been kidnapped from his home country and sold as a slave at the young age of sixteen.  He spent his slave days in Ireland, but then later escaped.  He then went on a mission to share the Christian religion with the Irish people.  Throughout his life, St. Patrick gained a lot from the Irish culture and it engulfed him.  He shared Christianity through many methods in Ireland, including the teaching of the Holy Trinity in a unique way.  The legend states that St. Patrick explained the three parts of the Holy Trinity – the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – by using the native Irish three-leaf clover.  The shamrock is still a large symbol of St. Patrick today.  The death of St. Patrick, March 17th, marks a day of celebration of himself and his successful religious contributions all over the world.

St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland traditionally used to be much more religious and pubs were actually closed on March 17th.  Now, the holiday is celebrated much differently.  The Irish urge people from different nations to visit Ireland to experience its Irish culture for the event.  Fireworks, parades, concerts, and outside theatre productions are all a part of the many festivities that go on for days.

Because of the multicultural background here, the Irish holiday is also importantly noted in the United States.  After Irish immigrants made a home for themselves in the US after fleeing the Great Potato Famine, they started their own traditions in honor of St. Patrick and their Irish heritage.  They “took to the streets” to celebrate.  The Irish were mocked for their unfamiliar religious beliefs and accents, but were finally accepted later in time when Americans started to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day along with them.  St. Patrick’s Day parades are still held today and many people in America celebrate Irish heritage and St. Patrick himself in their own ways.