Mac Miller and the most dope family


Mac Miller’s new TV show, titled Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family, premiered Tuesday, February 26, at 10:30 p.m. central time.  The next episode in the six-episode season will be shown on MTV2 on March 5, 2013 and soon after that will come the rest of the season.

The reality show follows Mac Miller and his new lifestyle in LA.  As the cameras keep on him and his everyday life, he shares with MTV the making of his new album, which will be titled Watching Movies With the Sound Off.  Although he has left his hometown of Pittsburg, PA for his career, he has taken his four best friends with him, who are also featured in the documentary.  Mac and his buddies are known as the Most Dope Crew.  Big Dave, Mac’s bodyguard who he met at one of Mac’s concerts, Jimmy, one of Mac’s childhood friends who can be recognized by his tattoos and graffiti art, Peanut, who is also one of Mac’s good friends, and Quentin, or Q, who is working with Mac to be successful with his Remember record label all enhance the laid-back vibe of the show.

All of the boys add their own flavor to keep the program interesting and funny.  Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family is a good way for Mac to show his personality and talent in a positive light.  He will be offered more episodes if the program is successful.