What We Will Miss in College

What We Will Miss in College

For seniors, decision time is upon us. Making decisions regarding universities and life after high school (yes, its does exist) is the hardest choice many of us have faced so far in life. While getting wrapped up in the excitement, many of us neglect the simple luxuries we will soon be without. The shock of losing the “little things’’ we take advantage of at home comes quickly for many new college freshmen.

In addition to the obvious home cooked meals, here are three things we will have to do without next year:

First, say goodbye to showering barefoot. At home, we all just grab a towel and hop in, which is not the case in the dorms. If you want to shower, grab your shower shoes and shampoo and start the trek down the hall.

Also, being able to sprawl out in a big bed is a thing of the past.  You will be confined to an 11×14 foot space and most likely with a roommate. That queen sized bed you are accustomed to will have to stay behind if you want to maintain a civil relationship with your roommate.

If you are a girl (or a boy with an abnormally large wardrobe) the local Goodwill is probably going to become your friend. Being forced to downsize your wardrobe and leave behind half of your shoe collection may be the breaking point.

As all of this may seem horrible, the simple luxuries become very small in the grand scheme of things. College offers a chance for a change of pace and the opportunity to make new friends. According to Mr. Bovenkerk, “college was the best 6½ years of my life.”

As we finish off our high school careers and begin to take the next step in life, just remember that all the new experiences we gain are worth the sacrifices.