What is frozen yogurt?


Recently, frozen yogurt seems to be an extremely hot topic in the towns of Bloomington and Normal.  There are many places that would satisfy a fro-yo need in town, including Chill Out, Cherry Berry, and the soon to come Cocomero Frozen Yogurt.  But what is the tasty treat?

Frozen yogurt is generally considered a more wholesome dessert than most and serves as a beneficial alternative to ice cream.  While frozen yogurt is healthier than ice cream, it also isn’t as nutritious as normal yogurt, which is rarely considered by fro-yo consumers.

While true yogurt holds much protein, frozen yogurt only has about a third of the protein that you would find in regular yogurt, which is almost the same amount found in ice cream.  Frozen yogurt has less fat than ice cream, but as you may have guessed, more than yogurt.

Although the frozen treat may not be quite as healthy as one may think, it does share some of the same benefits as yogurt.  Enzymes in yogurt help break down dairy in the human body.  Yogurt in the frozen dessert form still has those same enzymes, which is another reason why it is a good substitute for ice cream.  Because of the enzymes, people that have lactose intolerance seem to be unaffected by the sweet treat, as they would be with ice cream.

Frozen yogurt also shares some of the same ingredients as ice cream (but most of them are healthier), which gives them a similar taste to please your dessert cravings.

Even though frozen yogurt is not as healthy as yogurt, it is healthier than ice cream and is as equally delicious.  Frozen yogurt is a good sweet option.  Taste some for yourself at one of the many frozen yogurt places in town!