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Musical artist Tyga has gained a lot of success in the past year with his most recent album Careless World and mixtape Well Done 3.  Although he has been busy with music and his newborn baby boy, King Cairo, Tyga has also managed to collaborate with Reebok Classic.

Tyga has been creating his signature shoe, The T-RAWW, since he signed a deal with Reebok in 2012.  He has previewed the sneaker in blue, red, white, and green.   The first colors of the shoe, “Excellent Red” and “Blue Sport,” will be on sale on Feb. 14 for $80.  More colors of the shoe will be available at a later date during the year.

Reebok describes The T-RAWW as “west coast style meets street appeal”.  The T-RAWW is a completely new design that sets it apart from all other existing Reeboks.  Tyga can be found on Instagram under the username @kinggoldchains, where he keeps his fans up to date with The T-RAWWs, their release dates, and any new colors that are soon to come.

Will you be purchasing any T-RAWWs this year?